In House Menu

Over the past years we have chatted to guests particularly regarding their first night with us and a number have made a suggestion of an in-house menu for arrival night or for during their stay. Our in-house chef Will has provided us with a small a range of Asian inspired dishes and developed a ‘Treats of the East’ menu.

Home made on our Aga, in the farmhouse kitchen, these meals have been prepared with loving care, using only fresh herbs and spices and not from tins or jars; they really are truly authentic!

Meals can be ordered ready to heat for your arrival with your welcome pack or for during your stay – frozen in your freezer compartment, in your cottage.

Please let us know if you wish to pre-order the above during your stay via email.

Many thanks, Will x

All our ‘Treats from the East’ menu are home cooked by our in-house chef who has experience working in Asian-Inspired cooking.  The food is prepared in small batches and frozen fresh. You can choose to have food ready on your arrival to heat or you can order frozen for your stay. Please email Will  at to order.

Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene For Catering